So, What Exactly Are We Celebrating Today?

A couple months ago, we celebrated (not really) what’s called ‘Friendship Day’. If forwarding forwarded messages to your friends on social media is called celebrating, then, yes, I did too. But more importantly, I celebrated that day for my little one. It was more about her making a mental check list of all her friends… Continue reading So, What Exactly Are We Celebrating Today?

When Science meets Parenting

Ever wondered how science is related to parenting? I did recently. I was observing how a mother at a park was incessantly picking up a toy that a toddler was throwing from the slide. He would get on top, throw the toy down (rather than sliding it) and then would slide down. Needless to say… Continue reading When Science meets Parenting

World’s Nicest Prisons- Take a Look

A friend recently sent me a video about the five nicest prisons in the world. My first thought was, how can a prison cell be nice, and even if it so, does it make the sentence any less shameful and intolerable? I watched the video nevertheless and was stunned. Some of these prison cells were… Continue reading World’s Nicest Prisons- Take a Look

From Impatient to I’m patient

Now-a-days, we live in an “Instant” world- Instant messaging, instant replay, instant booking, instant tea, and instant messaging. So much so that even our hunger pangs find solace in instant Ramen/Maggi noodles and ‘fast’ foods! Long gone are the days where one patiently waited in queues at the movies, banks, shows, railway stations- well……ok we… Continue reading From Impatient to I’m patient

Fun Games for Single Kids

If you grew up in the 1980’s to 1990’s you probably remember playing games like kho-kho, marble games, langdi, snakes and ladders, name place animal thing, hopscotch, cards etc and during travel it was always the good old antakshari. But most of these require two or more people. Back in the days, practically all neighbors… Continue reading Fun Games for Single Kids