Nurturing Values In Children

I recently read a quote that said “We talk so much about leaving a better planet for our kids, that we forget to leave better kids to our planet.” This got me thinking. What makes one a responsible, good, caring human being? Are we not good parents? What value system are we following in our child’s upbringing? Or is our parenting just running on “auto pilot?”
Parents now-a-days are bombarded with information about how to keep their child’s body and mind healthy, but what about their spiritual health? Add in increasingly raunchy media messaging, declining family time, there is a growing concern about children’s lack of empathy and conscience. This also translates into children’s lack of interest in spiritual knowledge and culture. Children do not want to accept spiritual/religious beliefs or practices blindly. Their first thoughts are “What’s in it for me?” “Why should I?”

If we are serious about bringing positive and lasting influences in our child’s upbringing then we need to look beyond “the happy meals.”

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “One generation plants the trees and another enjoys the shade.” We all have benefited from the trees planted by our previous generation (parents, grandparents, teachers, etc). We are shaded to some degree by their moral and ethical standards and their spiritual practices. Now the spade lies in our hands! What kind of trees are we going to plant to give shade to our future generation?


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