So, What Exactly Are We Celebrating Today?

A couple months ago, we celebrated (not really) what’s called ‘Friendship Day’. If forwarding forwarded messages to your friends on social media is called celebrating, then, yes, I did too. But more importantly, I celebrated that day for my little one. It was more about her making a mental check list of all her friends (even the one’s she’d recently declared as, not my friend anymore) to whom she had to give friendship bands/rings. While she was selecting the objects that signify the bond of friendship at the local gift shop, I went flashback to my college days, where on days like Rose day and Friendship day, the most happening girl/guy would flaunt their wrists and wave even at strangers to make an extravagant show of their sought-after status which was determined by the number of friendship bands or roses they received. I obviously wasn’t one of them.

And while my mind was all mumbo jumbo with all these thoughts, my daughter tugged at me to pay the shopkeeper, who seemed to only care to make a sale and totally indifferent to all the excitement around him that I wondered if our world needed more days like these, to bring consumerism to another level.

I think we do; in all honesty, we actually need a fine list like this

Domestic Role Reversal Day: One day, just one, wouldn’t it be a joy to watch your husband in a saree/salwar kameez/jeans well, whatever suits your fancy, in the kitchen, rolling out hot chapattis, while you sat at the table with the kids, screaming ‘calendar khana do, calendar khana do.’ And in all fairness, we can wear the pants in the house (as if we don’t) literally and whine about how tired we are from all that shopping and driving back home.

For the Consumerist: Shopkeepers can sell fancy belan/rolling pins that say ”Happy Belantime day”



Say Yes Day: Ok, this is exclusively in favor of our kids, who receive an incessant down pour of no’s in their damned lives. Ice-cream yes, no homework yes, watch TV all day yes, make a mess yes; actually I am not really liking where this is going, I might just have to lock myself up for this one day.

For the Consumerist: Shopkeepers can sell self illuminating buttons that read “but you said yes” so that we parents are constantly reminded of the trap our kids are laying for us that day.



Hell No Day: This being exclusively in favor of parents can be celebrated to balance out the after effects of Say Yes day. Parents can say No to whatever they want and children have to oblige without any resistance. Wow….I am beginning to like the sound of this.

For the Consumerist: Shopkeepers can sell the same round buttons but with a sound button that yells “Hell No”. Actually they could sell this all year too and it would fly.

hell no


Meet and Greet Thy Neighbor Day: So for all those glorious people, who don’t necessarily follow the ‘love thy neighbor’ principle and would like to redeem themselves from being constantly talked about for their snooty behavior, this is your chance. Go ahead, pack a box of laddoos, cookies, and chocolates whatever and kill that hostility.

For the Consumerist: Of course gift boxes with the caption “Love thy neighbor”

love thy neighbor


Punching Bag Day: You get to pick one person (husband would be ideal) who becomes your punching bag for the day (figuratively of course). You get to vent out your anger, frustrations, and opinions without being ridiculed, judged or even retorted to. Of course, you have to the return the gesture the following year. Actually would be nice to have this day at least once a month no?

For the Consumerist: A cute punching bag key chain that reads “thank you” to the person who volunteers to become your punching bag would be a nice.

punching bag


Getting Even Day: Hold on to your horses ladies, because this is one day you all will wait for with bated breath! This one day, you can get even with your in-laws, especially your mother in laws without any backlash from her end. A getting even week would be nice too, but let’s not get too greedy and just start with one day, yeah?

For the Consumerist: Shopkeepers can sell tiaras that say “Bahu bhi kabhi saas thi” or even t-shirts that read “Excuse me but I am busy settling scores” 

saas bahu


Turn a Deaf Ear Day: Exclusively for mothers and wives, this day will commemorate the advent of actually doing what your husband and kids do all year when you tell them something on repeat mode while they are paying no attention to you. Yes, this time we get to turn a deaf ear to all their needs, whining and oh whatever the heck it may be.

For the Consumerist: A t-shirt that reads “Oh, were you talking to me?” should be worn by the women of the house.

you talking to me



No Social Media Day: Sorry, just kidding! Do you really think I am nuts?



What other days would you like to celebrate? Your recommendations are awaited in the comments section. 🙂 


This article was originally posted at mycity4kids.

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20 thoughts on “So, What Exactly Are We Celebrating Today?

    1. Thank you Preethi. I like to laugh and perhaps that trickles down in my attempt to make others laugh. Actually I do observe no social media day….once every 15 days..and yes I AM NUTS 🙂


  1. I might be picking up a few ideas from your piece here for my next brand campaigns! 😀 It is that insightful and hilarious! You should write more of such stuff!

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