From Impatient to I’m patient

Now-a-days, we live in an “Instant” world- Instant messaging, instant replay, instant booking, instant tea, and instant messaging. So much so that even our hunger pangs find solace in instant Ramen/Maggi noodles and ‘fast’ foods! Long gone are the days where one patiently waited in queues at the movies, banks, shows, railway stations- well……ok we… Continue reading From Impatient to I’m patient

Fun Games for Single Kids

If you grew up in the 1980’s to 1990’s you probably remember playing games like kho-kho, marble games, langdi, snakes and ladders, name place animal thing, hopscotch, cards etc and during travel it was always the good old antakshari. But most of these require two or more people. Back in the days, practically all neighbors… Continue reading Fun Games for Single Kids

Relationships- Work in Progress

Even though we have successfully migrated from an iron to the information age, communication breakdown is at its ever increasing peak. And the repercussions of such a break down manifests in the form of broken relationships. Although Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms have successfully widened our social network they have left us with… Continue reading Relationships- Work in Progress

11 Parenting Truths For New Moms

There is no such thing as Utopian Motherhood. We all start out being clueless, making mistakes, getting frustrated, wondering whether we made the right decision of joining the parenthood bandwagon and then something magical happens which makes it all worthwhile.  And that magic begins to unfold when our bundle of joy first smiles and gurgles… Continue reading 11 Parenting Truths For New Moms

8 Life Changing Lessons My Daughter has Taught Me

As I am beginning to write this piece, my little one is dozing by my side, her plate of lunch half eaten. Now if this had happened more than a year ago, I would be worrying and pleading her to finish her food.  But today, I actually brought her favourite blanket so she could comfortably… Continue reading 8 Life Changing Lessons My Daughter has Taught Me